Discover the winery

A visit to the winery is a moment of pleasure and learning. At Mirabella, expert guides will greet you with an introduction to the region before leading you through the heart of the winery, formerly a wine production center founded in 1942.

In the first room you’ll find a great wooden effigy engraved with the historic Mirabella brand which depicts Demeter, the goddess of harvest and agriculture. Moving on, we come across the steel tanks used for fermentation and ageing, and near them, 18 historic cement vats that were built in to the building itself. Perfectly preserved, they are a monument to the art of winemaking.

The last leg of the tour is the tasting room, a contemporary atmosphere where the guide will talk you through the tasting experience of the Franciacortas, explaining their tastes and aromas, and answering any questions you might have.

Guided tours are available for small groups by reservation only. You can book online though the website or by phone at 030611197.