Excelling in quality, a hallmark.

Franciacorta with great personality, an expression of typicality and nature: this is the “Mirabella style”. The Franciacorta method is the art of expertise in the classic method and we combine the viticulture and experience of the wine-grower with the use of the most modern technologies. Moreover, to give all our Franciacorta wines those characteristics that make them excel not only in sustainability but, above all, in quality, we are guided by choices that are aimed at always offering something unique and superior.

The use of Pinot Bianco, rare in Franciacorta, is one of our distinctive features: we like it because it bestows freshness, elegance, gentleness and lightness and compensates for any adverse climatic trend. And because it is the most Italian of our vines. it is not easy to cultivate, not very profitable, and so was abandoned by many wine-growers for a long time, but it thrives and grows well for us, thanks to the age of our vines.

The fining on the lees of Edea that, as a Brut, is the utmost expression of a territory and its personality, lasts for more than 30 months, while 18 months are enough for Franciacorta: this is to bestow greater lightness and to enrich its aromatic complex. More than 35 years' experience with rosé wines, equal to the age of our Pinot Nero vines, ensures that our Rosés, so exciting and encompassing, are the fortunate result of the fact that we were among the first in Franciacorta to believe in the rosé wines. D.0.M., our Franciacorta Riserva, produced only in the best vintages, spends 80 or even 85 months’ ageing in the stack before it can be tasted, while 60 would be sufficient for the classification. For our Satèn, although 24 months of ageing would be sufficient for the classification, we decided to go beyond 48 months, and 60 months in the stack for our Demetra Millesimato. Elite without sulphites is perhaps the most striking example of how much we enjoy challenges with the aim of offering quality Franciacorta wines that stand out from the crowd.

Another hallmark of Mirabella is the age of our vineyards that enjoy a privileged position with perfect exposure in the hills, less affected by the increasingly frequent climatic changes of the seasons. The age of the vineyards is fundamental for the longevity of Franciacorta and the old vineyard, which was planted when Mirabella was established, is the best: located on a small hill from which the company takes its name, with a more limited production in terms of quantity, it manages to produce constant quality that lasts over the years and was selected in time to produce both the vintages and part of the Satèn, which is 100% of the reserve. In this vineyard, even the grapes are harvested separately by a selected group of pickers who are especially careful in choosing the most beautiful bunches in the best positions; the pressing is also particularly gentle. It is important and distinctive for us, finally, to have reserve wines available that we keep on one side like a treasure trove; they date from very old vintages, back to 2001, amplifying the complexity and clarifying the style: a fundamental characteristic of all our Franciacorta wines.

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