The secret of pink? It’s white!

17 December 2022

Many Mirabella aficionados appreciate its Franciacorta Rosés: from the eclectic “without vintage” to the complex Demetra Millesimato up to the powerful DØM Riserva, here they find an answer to their desire to drink rosé.

After all, we too have always had a predilection for the typology: it will be for the Pavia roots of the co-founder Teresio Schiavi – Oltrepo Pavese is a land of great Pinot Noirs – or for the “challenging” attitude of rosé, which requires agronomists and cellar technicians, a surplus of attention compared to other Franciacortas.

Despite the complexities, we like making rosé, and our enthusiasm has paid off over time: our classic Rosé was the first Franciacorta of its type to enter the Top 100 of Wine Spectator, an unexpected recognition that has turned the spotlight on our cellar

Even the Italian wine critics appreciate it: last, in chronological order, is its inclusion in the Corriere della Sera guide to the bubbles of the holidays, edited by journalist Luciano Ferraro.

Good results, due to two reasons.

The first, the over forty years of experience in the cultivation and vinification of Pinot Noir, whose “bizarreness” and great potential we have learned to manage.

The second, the addition of a percentage of Pinot Bianc in the cuvée, a variety of which we are great fans. The Pinot Blanc, with its very fine aromas, between citrus and talc, adds elegance and softness to the blend, balancing the restlessness of the Pinot Noir and emphasizing the refinement of the Chardonnay. It is an extraordinary quid that balances the whole, giving an overall impression of balance and pleasantness. Two essential qualities in a good glass of Franciacorta.

Mescita rosé