Protecting health, an ethical choice.

For us, a product is natural only if it sustains the environment and, as a consequence, also health. We have chosen to produce authentic Franciacorta in a natural way and constantly renew ourselves in order to be increasingly close to mankind: for this reason, our research never stops and we continue to expand our knowledge so that drinking quality wine is not only a pleasure but also aids the health.

Thanks to the excellent vegetative state and the profound knowledge of our vines, we can use lower quantities of exogenous additives in the various phases of vinification and, because of this, the use of sulphites in our Franciacorta wines is constantly being reduced while other potential allergens like milk and eggs, traditionally used in wine making in the clarification phase, have been completely eliminated.

A major goal, evidence of the care taken over health and quality, has been achieved by our Elite, Franciacorta docg Extra Brut, which, since the 2010 harvest, has been the first to adopt the classic Italian method free of allergens and added sulphites.  Moreover, the sulphites produced naturally by the fermentation and second fermentation in the bottle, through a special technique perfected by Mirabella, are restricted to values lower than 10 mg/litre (declaration limit) making it possible not to report on the label the phrase: “contains sulphites”.

Do you want to find out about all the solution that Mirabella has adopted to promote the health of the consumer?