Harvest 2020, bottling completed

15 May 2021

The 2020 harvest, excellent for quality and quantity – what in the jargon we call “vintage of vintage” – is now all in the bottle.
In two weeks we have filled 280 thousand bottles with our base wines Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, and Pinot Nero; single variety or combined to enhance specific characteristics of the grape of origin.
Tirage, or bottling, is carried out thanks to an automatic line: the glass is first washed, filled, then the tirage syrup is added, a mixture of yeast and cane sugar, and the bottle is closed with the crown cap.
Stacked in cool and dark niches, the slow fermentation will then begin, but it will have to wait at least thirty months before reaching the remuage area, shaking that favors the descent of the sediments, and the disgorgement line, for their elimination.
bottiglie di franciacorta