Harvest time, let’s start with Pinot Blanc

23 August 2021

​The harvest has begun in our 45 hectares of organic vineyards in Franciacorta,the first bunches to fall under the scissors of the harvesters were those of Pinot Blanc from the historic Mirabella vineyard.

​”We started the harvest from the Mirabella vineyard because it showed an early and homogeneous ripening”, says Alessandro Schiavi, oenologist and production manager.

​”The vines come from a demanding season, between freezing, hail, drought, and sudden drops in temperature. They therefore worked in fits and starts, and with extreme diversity even in the single vineyard. The harvest must consequently be even more meticulous”, continues the winemaker.

“We are working at full speed, with 60 grape collectors and 10 cellar employees working since dawn. ​The grapes that arrive in the press are of good quality, but we expect a quantitative drop from 25 to 35 percent, to be confirmed at the end of the harvest “.