New vibes in our cellars

28 December 2021

Interest in wine tourism is growing, and the phenomenon also involves Mirabella: in 2021, wine tourists visiting our cellars increased by 16 percent compared to 2019.

We like to dedicate all the time necessary to visitors to satisfy their curiosity about Franciacorta, the peculiarities of Mirabella, and illustrate the characteristics of our wines during the guided tasting that closes the meeting. A commitment that is rewarded by the positive reviewsthat appear on TripAdvisor or on our Facebook page.

However, we want to make the experience of the guided tour more and more enjoyable, and for this purpose we have worked in the last year to restyleour cellar environments.

After the welcome, the tour begins in the winemaking room: at the entrance, your gaze rests on the large wooden effigy where our historic brand is carved, which depicts Demeter, goddess of agriculture. Continuing on, you will come across the newly renovated steel tanks and the historic concrete vats, contemporary with the building built in 1942. The whole area has been “refreshed” with new colors on the walls and resins on the ground, pleasing to the eye and hygienically perfect; a fresh and contemporary style, which blends well with the historicity of the building. The remuage and disgorgement areas also favored the same renewal, while the basement, where we keep the Franciacortas in aging, will soon be in tune with the upper one; here the works will also involve lighting, to emphasize the “intimate” dimension of these spaces. A new image also for the wine shop, which now wears shades of gray, in harmony with the warm tones of the wooden furnishings.

Guided tours are always held in small groups, to encourage attention and give space to guests’ questions, and can be booked online in the dedicated section of our website or by contacting us by phone at +39 030611197.