Let’s meet Demetra Rosé

5 May 2022

We present you Demetra Rosé, our new vintage Franciacorta 2015.

Demetra Rosé is the third rosé Franciacorta from the Mirabella house, and it  celebrates 40 years of producing pink wines in our cellars: the first was born in 1982 on the wave of our founder Teresio Schiavi‘s predilection for Pinot Noir.

But Demetra Rosé (herethe technical sheet), like all our rosés, has a share of Pinot Blanc in the assembly: we have always been supporters in Franciacorta of this grape variety, which brings freshness and pleasant drinking pleasure to the cuvées.

The new Franciacorta expands the Demetra line, limited editions whose base wines come from vines over 40 years of age. In the Demetras we focus on the typicality of the grapes, enhancing them in 100% single variety, as in the Demetra Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero, or in blending, as in the Millesimato and now in the Rosé.

The Demetras reveal an interesting balance of taste between the roundness given by the malolactic fermentation and the austere touch of the absence of dosage; a meeting of opposites from which “bubbles” are born with a strong gastronomic attitude.