End of the 2022 harvest

26 August 2022

Nine days only lasted our 2022 harvest, starting on August 8.

Sixty grape pickers worked in the 45 hectares of company vineyards, concentrated in the eastern part of Franciacorta, slavishly following the information of the agronomic team: in a particular year from a weather point of view – the prolonged dryness stressed the younger vineyards and those spread over lean and stony soils – it was essential to play with strategy, first and quickly harvesting the grapes of the vineyards subject to water shortage, and then squeezing and clarifying them separately.

“The start of the harvest was not easy, amidst high temperatures and a shortage of personnel,” says Alessandro Schiavi, co-owner and oenologist. “When we saw beautiful, healthy and intact Pinot Noir grapes, arrive in the cellar, we understood however that the harvest was safe. We will remember 2022 as the vintage of Pinot Noir; Pinot Bianco has, as always, withstood the heat well, while Chardonnay has suffered the most.

“The fermentations are proceeding well”, continues the oenologist, “the musts are clean and fragrant. We will evaluate if the vintage will need malolactic fermentation and we still expect a quantitative drop of 20 percent “.