Our story

Quality, intuition, tradition, passion and entrepreneurial spirit. These are some of the features that distinguish the Farm Mirabella Rodengo Saiano -
Born on the sly in 1979, now the company is in the process of becoming and consolidate its position as one of the most prestigious and important companies in the sector. A handle is a group of entrepreneurs and professionals Brescia, fans of viticulture and enology, as well as owners of land planted with vines located in the central-eastern FRANCIACORTA, which, in years not suspect, thought to "join forces" to better exploit the potential of production and marketing of Franciacorta DOCG produced therefrom.

The founders were, Teresio Schiavi and Giacomo Cavalli, the latter the owner of a few acres of vineyard and the former textile mill in Paderno Franciacorta, the time already in use, which was the first winery. The true soul founder remains Teresio Schiavi. And 'he, together with his sons Alessandro and Alberto, partner Francesco Bracchi, CEO, and commercial director Ezio Comai, to conduct a wine of considerable proportions, initially conceived as a micro-etched wine enthusiasts.

In 1980, in the original Paderno Franciacorta, the company faces a big effort in the enhancement of the wine business. New facilities are in place identifying areas most suitable company to produce Franciacorta superior quality are harvested old vineyards and apply new agricultural techniques of management to achieve the best possible quality.

In 1985 he purchased the present site of Rodengo Saiano with a cellar temperature is of course ideal for storing and refining Franciacorta.
In 1995 they decided to make the first major work on the building with the restructuring of the processing room and the purchase of new tanks and equipment.
In 2000, the partners decided to expand also the storehouse, so that led to the estate covered a total of 2,200 meters.
With a production of 450,000 bottles of Franciacorta and 100,000 bottles of IGT Sebino year MIRABELLA currently cultivated, with their labor and their equipment, more than 56 hectares of vineyards, all enrolled in the vineyards of Franciacorta, to witness the 'high quality production company.

In 2004, planted 15 hectares of new vineyards, the beginning of a project to raise future drawdowns. A company, therefore, always looking towards the avant-garde and improvement, finally ready to consolidate in this market, thanks to a diversified production to meet the most sophisticated needs of customers, combining in a perfect blend of flavors and perfumes, tradition and innovation, past, present and future.